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Our mission is to raise the bar on pet welfare during transport.

Whilst Animal Express is the visible part of what we do, we are also working to improve standards throughout the industry.

Just for starters we are calling for better policing of the existing regulations. We have concerns that it is too easy for the unscrupulous to flout the rules for profit. And we are working with various organisations to bring this about.

Furthermore, we believe the road transport rules pertaining to vehicle equipment and procedures needs tightening.

Here, a not unreasonable standard would be to extend the existing rules for livestock animals such as cattle, pigs and goats to include pets. At present dogs and cats sit in the less rigorous ’’Other Species’’ category.

Animal Express operates already to the higher livestock standard, and yet we go even further. For example, we believe dogs and cats deserve constant temperature monitoring, and not just during the summer months.

Correspondingly our vehicles carry recorders that store every journey’s entire temperature profile for three years. Just one example of how we do things better.

If you would like to know more, or would like to support our cause, do please get in touch.



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