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For the protection of your animal ANIMAL EXPRESS adheres to

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Is your pet ready to go? Check the requirements here.


1. Format of the passport:    

    The dimension of the passport shall be 100 × 152 mm.

2. Cover of the passport:


a) front cover:

     - colour: blue (PANTONE® Reflex Blue) and yellow stars (PANTONE® Yellow) in the        upper quarter complying with the specification of the European emblem (1);

     - the words ‘European Union’ and the name of the Member State of issue shall be        printed in the same typeface;

     - the ISO country code of the Member State of issue followed by a unique        alphanumeric code indicated as number’ in the model of passport set out in Part 1        shall be printed on the bottom;

b) inside front cover and inside back cover: colour white;

c) back cover: colour blue (PANTONE® Reflex Blue).

3. Sequences of the headings and numbering of pages of the passport:


a)  the sequence of the headings (with the roman numbers) must be strictly      respected;

b)  the pages of the passport shall be numbered at the bottom of each page in the      following format: ‘x out of n’ where x is the current page and n is the total number      of pages of the passport;

c)  the ISO country code of the Member State of issue followed by a unique      alphanumeric      code shall be printed on each page of the passport;

d)  the number of pages and the size and shape of the boxes in the model of      passport set out in Part 1 are indicative.

4. Languages:

    All printed text shall be in the official language(s) of the Member State of issue and     in English.

5. Security features: (Only for pet passports issued on the 29.12.2014 or later)


a) after the required information has been entered in Section III of the passport, a     transparent adhesive laminate shall seal the page;

b) where the information on one of the pages of the passport takes the form of a     sticker, a transparent adhesive laminate shall seal that sticker in the case where     the latter is not self-destructed when it is removed.


Before initial rabies vaccination is carried out your pet (dog, cat or ferret) must be fitted with a microchip to identify the pet.

The microchip number must be identical to the microchip number recorded in the pet passport.


Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before receiving the rabies vaccination.

The rabies vaccination must be recorded in the pet passport with the name of the vaccine and the name of the manufacturer.

Date of vaccination and date of expiry, in pet passports issued from the 29.12.2014 additional the date of validation, must be recorded in the passport, and must contain the name, address, phone number and signature of the authorised veterinarian.

The length of the waiting period before crossing borders is 21 days after the first rabies vaccination date. If the vaccination is in 2 parts the 21 days wait will be from the date of the second vaccination.

A waiting time is not required when boosters are kept up to date.


For dogs only

Before travelling to the UK your dog must be treated against Echinococcus.

This treatment must be administered by a vet not less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before the dogs scheduled arrival time in the UK.

Date and time of the treatment must be recorded in the pet passport by the authorised veterinarian.

For travelling with ANIMAL EXPRESS this treatment must be done within 24 hours before scheduled departure of your dog.


Not a legal requirement but a requirement to travel with Animal Express. All dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough, distemper and parvovirose latest 14 days before departure or not older than 11 month.


We at ANIMAL EXPRESS insist on a clinical examination carried out within 24 hours before departure by an authorised veterinarian.


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